Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OH Barbie!!

I discovered today that dressing a Barbie is just as fun when your the mom! Melly and Priscilla were playing Barbies and P's just HAD to wear the beautiful red tights. She tried for almost ten minutes to get Barbie into them before letting me help her. By this time the tights were inside out and the foot was nice rolled up inside the leg. You know what I am talking about, we have all done that lazy pull off of our panyhose!!! So my big ole fingers first had to get the tights straightened out, then I had to get them on! As you may remember, Barbie's legs aren't exactly silky, they are sticky and it makes putting tights on a huge pain. Not to be outdone by a plastic doll, mommy saved the day and got the tights on Barbie!!!! Soon after Melly was having trouble with a hat, everytime she got the front on the back slipped off so she would get the back on again only to have it slide off when she tried to pull it down in the front. Again Barbie was placed in my care to be dressed for the special occasion and I was able to put a smile on my daughters face by getting the hat to stay!

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Karmann and Ryan said...

I am sorry about the grandma and grandpa news. I dont want to get old! Hey when is you church on Sundays? I may have a little surprise visit coming up!!!! :)