Thursday, August 28, 2008

♥Miss Melody♥

I have to share a few cute things that have happened with Melly this week.

On Wednesday she came home from school and was absolutely amazed that her teacher, Mrs. Richman, is missing a pinky. I have known this, and how it happened, for years because Buggy, my niece, had Mrs. Richman for 1st grade 8 years ago! So I asked Melly how did she lose her pinky? Her response was "maybe a dog bit it off like daddies." Erik is missing the tip of an index finger thanks to a dog bite. I told her no I didn't think so and maybe she should ask Mrs. Richman the next day. Today when I picked her up she came running to me and the first thing she said was "when Mrs. Richman was a little girl she fell off a horse and it cut off her finger!" Close enough!!

April has been taking Melly to school since she drops off little man, Agustin, for me to watch 3 days a week, before taking Ariana to school. Little man has been around the girls since he was born! He, Ariana, Melly, Priscilla and Serenity have almost a brother sister relationship. Little man has recently learned to "say" the girls names. This morning he went with April to take Ariana and Melly to school. Ariana being in first grade, and very independent says goodbye and goes to find her friends. April walks Melly to the kindergarten area and waits for her to go in. She is still a little unsure, after all it is still the first week. So, when the bell rings for the kindergarten kids to line up little man starts crying and saying "Melody, no, mine, Melody" and pointing to her. He continued this all the way back to the car. Then once in the car he kept pointing at her car seat saying "Melody, mine, Melody!" April said he was full of drama. I told Melody about it this afternoon and she got the biggest grin on her face!!

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