Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Worms Have Arrived!!!!!

I sound like Charlotte announcing the goslings in the movie Charlotte's Web!!... Now back to more important matters...the worms!!!! I haven't "publicly" announced my new undertaking so this may comes as a surprise to some. I have been taking in all the news and information over the last few months about "being green." Now green has always been my favorite color but I haven't been the best at "being green." So I have decided to start taking the baby steps I need to to get us as a family there. I am not ready to become a total granola, I love my showers way to much, but I could do a little more than I am to save this earth for future generations. SO, with that being said, I have decided to start worm composting! Yes, me, the insect, bug fearing woman, has bought a worm bin and LIVE worms!!! I first became aware of such a thing while watching a show on Green TV. This couple was remodeling their home and trying to go as green as they could. While giving a final tour to the host of the show she stands in her kitchen and says "oh and here are the worms." I about died!!! I rewound, thank heavens for a DVR, and watched again and sure enough there in her kitchen was a small black bin that had food waste and paper with worms crawling all around!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! What about the smell? Will they get out? So off to the internet I flew! In my quest for knowledge on this subject I have become more fascinated by this concept. I never knew that all the food waste we dumped in the landfill was so bad, I figured it composted like it would in a regular compost pile you see in people's yards. Silly me!!! The girls are fascinated by this whole ordeal. When I dumped food into the bin today Priscilla saw one of the squashes that didn't develop like it should have that I cut up and put in there and said "mom you can't let the worms eat my squash!!!" She didn't care about the banana and orange peels, just her squash!!! If any of you out there want some "black gold", that is what all the worm composters refer to their compost as, just let me know!!!!

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Karmann & Ryan said...

Wow!! I have really learned something new today and may have to take it into consideration!