Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Want Come True!


"Boys" and their "toys"!

(This post should have been up a few weeks ago!!)
Erik has wanted a motorcycle as long as I can remember. I must admit I have been the one raining on his parade. I am just not a big fan of them, so I always found a reason why he didn't need one. Bless his heart he was patient, not always quiet and happy about it but patient. In June when gas prices started hitting $4.00 here he finally found something to make me think twice. We went one day to "look", with me still not to sure we were making the right decision. Wellllllllll the looking party turned into a buying party, no turning back now. He decided upon a dual purpose bike so he can take it in the dirt or on the street. He is in heaven and it does make me feel good to know he is happy. I am not as nervous now as I was the first week he had it, I don't have to get a phone call telling me he arrived safely at work anymore!!!!

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