Saturday, July 19, 2008

Silly Summertime Fun!

Going on a treasure hunt!

Let's take a picture!

This is actually Priscilla's post!! Thursday when all the kiddos were playing in the little splash pool Priscilla asked me if I could get the camera and take pictures of them so we could put it on the 'puter! (Oh boy! My 4yr old is becoming a blogger!!!) So, the story behind this is the girls play a game called "Going on a treasure hunt" where they hold hands and walk in a circle while saying "We're going on a treasure hunt, what do I see? I see a _______ looking at me. Let's take a picture." They pull out there pretend cameras, take a picture and it starts all over again. They take turns finding something until everyone has had a turn then they splash down into the water. Silly game to and adult but pure fun when you are a kid!!

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Karmann & Ryan said...

It seriously made me start to cry when you posted that she reconized me! It made my day! I love that she wanted you to get the camera out for the computer! It amazes me how even our little ones know so much about the web! Looks like a fun time in the pool!