Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sending Love to G-ma Marion!!

Melody picking out the pink ones!!

Priscilla admiring the glue!!

Serenity adding just a few more bugs!!

Grandma Marion, Erik's mom, fell a few weeks ago and has broken her pelvis. We are all concerned about her. When the girls heard Erik and I talking about it they all got a little sad knowing she had an "ouwie." So we decided she needed a little cheering up, and her hospital room needed a little decorating!! The girls had a great time picking out what to glue on their paper. And yes, all the papers you see on the table had to be sent!!! When I went to the post office to mail them the man behind the counter asked if there was anything breakable, as he held the bulging manilla envelope!!! We love Grandma Marion and hope the pictures cheered her up!!!

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Karmann and Ryan said...

What little sweeties!! THey have such huge hearts and what a great teaching tool for service! How fun!