Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reap What You Sow!

Well the time has finally arrived!!!! I got to pick two beautiful squash off of the vines Monday night!!! I was thrilled. I had everyone, including the dogs, all wound up over two squash. As I have mentioned before, I have seen this growing thing done by some that are very near and dear to me but I have never been good at it. Enter my euphoria over two squash! I fixed the squash for lunch today. Fried it with some onion, added a little salt and pepper. mmmmmm it was so delicious. I was worried that the skin would be hard, like the ones I have bought in the store, but they weren't!!! Melly wanted nothing to do with it, Priscilla loved it and Serenity took one bite and said it was good but didn't want anymore!!! I didn't even ask Erik, I know his feelings on veggies all to well!!!

I planted two yellow pear tomato plants and have so far gotten 5 little tomatoes from them. They are loaded with little green ones just waiting to ripen, it seems to be taking FOREVER!!!! I have shared two, yes two but that is all that were ready, of the tomatoes with our neighbors, The Clarks, in hopes of more ripening next time!!!!


Karmann & Ryan said...

Congrats on the squash! I wish I could have been there to enjoy them with you! I love fresh anything from the garden!

Amanda said...

love ya!!!