Saturday, June 28, 2008

The "Wetting"

On June 5th we had a family wedding. For several days before the girls would hear us talking about going to the wedding. On Wednesday night when we were putting the girls to bed Peg and her step son, Brandon, were here. Brandon was saying good night to Melody and she told him "tomorrow we are going to the wet park." Brandon asked us about it and we told him no, we aren't going, that Melody wants to go so she said that. Thursday evening I am getting the girls dressed, in church dresses, for the wedding. Melody looks at me with the most horrified look on her face and says "we can't wear are church dresses to the wet park!!!!" She thought that the WEDDING meant the splash park!! She was disappointed that we weren't going to play in the water but got over it quickly when she learned the wedding was at mamoos (Becky's mom).

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Karmann & Ryan said...

This is why I love being around little children! They say the cutest things and think of the funniest stuff. I am smiling ear to ear from this!! I miss seeing those precious girls! You are doing such an amazing job!