Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mrs. Green Jeans I Am Not..yet anyway!

As most of you know my dad could grow anything and enjoyed every minute of it. Me, on the other hand forget it, I have trouble keeping weeds alive and have never really enjoyed the whole gardening experience, that is, until recently. It all started when Erik moved some bricks that we had as a border in the front yard. We have been working on geting our backyard back into shape and there was this spot that used to be full of rose bushes that my dad had planted and has been empty since a few months after his death. So I decided that would be a perfect place to have a little planter box of flowers out of the bricks. Erik helped me get it leveled out and filled with soil. That night while I was trying to fall asleep I mention to Erik about trying a yellow pear tomato plant. Odd I know but my good friend Georgia, another one who can grow anything and loves it, always grows those and they are YUMMY! He says that would be fine. A few minutes later I mention yellow crook neck squash. His reply..."You can do whatever you want it is your dirt, good night!!!!!" I took the hint! The next day Priscilla and I stop at the nursery on our way home from town. She had so much fun pulling the wagon and picking out flowers "just like Berons (whose name is actually Theron but it sounds to much like our dog Baron!!) mom." I found the veggie's while she loaded the wagon with petunias in every color. That evening the whole family planted. The girls loved it and suprisingly so did I. Even more suprisingly I still do!!! It seemed like the squash plants weren't growing then all of a sudden they doubled in size and keep doing that everyday. They are HUGE! I was so excited to see the first little tomato pop up on the vine I had to bring Erik out to show him. The girls help water and want to pick all the flowers everyday. Any one that comes over they have to take them out to see! The squash have taken over so much you can't see the flowers so I bought some planters to put the flowers in for the girls to enjoy. I don't know what happened, I just hope it sticks!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're blogging! I love being able to see pictures and read about peoples lives! You have such beautiful girls!

Karmann & Ryan said...

I love that picuture of Priscilla! She is so beautiful! COngrats on the gardening. I kill everything I touch! Hopefully someday I can do that! I love fresh vegetables especially tomatoes!! Miss you!!